What is the Union Town Center?

The Union Town Center is a key development area identified in the 2000 Union Town Plan which was formally adopted by the Boone County Planning Commission in May 2000.

The Union Town Center is a 90 acre area located at the intersection of Mt. Zion Road and U.S. 42 in Union, Kentucky. It is considered the downtown of Union and consist of an older business district along Old Union Road and a potentially new business district at U.S. 42 and Mt. Zion Road. The Union Town Center is projected to be the hub of retail, service, residential, public institutional, office, and recreational activities within the City of Union.

In order to promote the Union Town Center area, a conscious effort has been made through the Union Town Plan to concentrate future commercial activity into a viable town center and to avoid typical strip-style commercial uses along the realigned U.S. 42 arterial route. While concentrating the commercial activity into a town center, residential development is planned outside this town center.

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Union Town Center Updates

City of Union is moving ahead with the development of the Union Town Center or Downtown District...
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2000 Union Town Plan

The Boone County Planning Commission has been requested by the City of Union to conduct a planning study...
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Union Economic Development Committee

The purpose of the Union Economic Development Committee (EDC) is to advise the Union City Commission...
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Market & Demographic Reports

In 2009, the City of Union hired Pizzuti Companies to evaluate the office, retail, and residential real estate market...
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